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Infor ERP Adage

Infor ERP Adage helps process manufacturing companies like yours better respond to change and opportunity. It does this by providing business-specific and process based applications that enable you to make continual business improvements.

You'll also sustain the benefits Infor ERP Adage gained by enhancing the efficiency of essential business processes. What's more, the solution's profit-based allocations maximize the profitability of each of your sales order lines. Its pricing and promotions feature helps you more accurately manage deductions and incentives. You can also increase information transparency, while reducing ongoing maintenance efforts, which enables you to focus more closely on improving your business.

Core capabilities include:

  • Order to cash for capturing orders, specifications, pricing, profit and shelf life allocations, and fulfillment.
  • Plan to produce with co- and by-products, inverted bills of material, multiple units of measure, and streamlined production and packing.
  • Procure to pay for quality management, payment on quality and material performance, and payment compliance.
  • Financial management integrated into all business processes.
  • With attributes, multiple dates, and actual costing integrated across the value chain, as well as business-specific applications and standard integration to industry-leading, process-specific supply chain planning and PLM, Infor ERP Adage can optimize profitability and shelf life with each transaction.


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